10 Quick and Easy Stocking Stuffers for the Musician on Your List

music miscellany Dec 23, 2013

Need to finish up your shopping in a hurry? Try these 10 easy stocking stuffers for the musician on your list.

I’m not one of those people who shops for Christmas in August. Occasionally, I will find the perfect Christmas gift in the summer. But I really prefer to leave my shopping until November and December, when it helps with my holiday mood.

The difficulty with this is that I really don’t like shopping very much, so I order a lot online (thank you, Amazon!) and try to consolidate any shopping trips I need to make.

In case you are like me, or perhaps just a procrastinating Santa, I want to share some of my favorite stocking stuffers for the musicians on my list. They are easy items to find, so shopping is a breeze. And you don’t even need to venture farther than the corner pharmacy for many of them.

1. Nail clippers. I have German-made nail clippers that I love, but any pair of nail clippers will be a good emergency pair to keep in a gig bag.

2. Hand lotion. ‘Tis the season for cracked and dry skin. My husband (who is not a musician) gets very cracked and dry skin on his hands, and he swears by Gold Bond Ultimate Healing.

3. iTunes gift card. Naturally.

4. Ear buds. A good set of ear buds can make all of your tunes sound better, and keep everyone else around you from going crazy as you listen to the 1812 Overture for the 1000th time.

5. Microfiber cloth. This is great for cleaning instruments, glasses, laptop or tablet screens. You can find this in electronic stores, like Best Buy. 6. Music retailer gift card. You may not know what music or accessories are on your musician’s wish list, and this is a great way to let them choose just what they want.

7. Music stand light. I love the Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Light. It’s small but gives great light, runs for a long time on batteries, and folds up so it can have a permanent home in my gig bag. No more squinting!

8. Pencils. Cute pencils, automatic pencils, red pencils, extra light or dark pencils – they are all good.

9. Erasers. Nothing like a good eraser for cleaning up a rented part, or moving pedal markings. I prefer the white, polymer erasers for serious editing, but holiday-themed erasers would be fun.

10. Gift card to their favorite coffee shop. This is the gift your overworked, caffeine-powered musician will use first, guaranteed.

Any suggestions you have for last-minute shoppers are welcome!
Happy holidays to all!

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