20 Places to Share Your Music – and Make Money

Are you inspired to take your music to the masses? Or at least find a place to play? Here are twenty . These are not venues that will hire you. They are places where you can play just by asking permission. You will gain experience, build a fan base, get exposure. Some places may pay you. Other places may let you play for tips.

So grab a tip jar, some business cards and your best smile, and go make some music.

1. Local cafe or bookstore
2. Nursing home/senior center
3. Library children’s program
4. Summer camps, especially day camps, Bible camps or museum summer programs
5. Municipal parks music programs
6. Your front porch
7. Neighborhood yard sales
8. Local specialty shops
9. Company cafeteria
10. Churches, at services, dinners or other functions
11. Block party/Street fair
12. Heritage festival, e.g. Italian Festival
13. Open Mike night
14. Doctor or dentist waiting room
16. Art gallery opening
17. Train station or commuter stop
18. Art show or craft fair (Ask one of the exhibitors if you can help attract customers to his booth.)
19. Open air market or farmer’s market
20. Private campgrounds or state parks

Don’t forget to ask permission.

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