A Scale for the New Year

music miscellany Jan 04, 2016

The New Year. New beginnings, New ideas, goals, hopes and dreams. All exciting and energizing.

I love the wonderful possibilities that a new year presents. Each year I look forward to setting goals and putting in place systems that will help keep me on track to achieve them.

I’ve used complicated systems and I’ve used simple ones, but I have found over time that I stay on track best when I keep a simple set of guidelines in mind. These guidelines help me make good choices consistent with my goals, assuring me that at year’s end, I will have accomplished a lot of what I set out to do.

To help me remember them, I write them out like a musical scale, C to.C. I share them now with you, hoping that you will find them helpful with whatever wonderful things you want to achieve in 2016.


Cut the clutter. Get rid of the excess that clogs your space, your mind, your schedule. Consider new opportunities the same way. What will you have to give up to make room for them?


Develop. Make sure that you’re moving forward, not just running in place. Growth is essential. Learn, study, move ahead.


Experience. Try new ideas and approaches. Go to new places. Step outside your comfort zone. You won’t know if you don’t try.


Focus. If there is something you want to do, you can only achieve it through focus. Work toward your goal with intention, purpose and a plan.


Generosity. I believe the greatest good comes to us when we share ourselves with others: with colleagues, friends, family, neighbors.


Act. Plans give you direction, but plans don’t make things happen. Action is key. If you want it done, you must do it.


Believe. Whatever goal you set, you can achieve it. Perhaps not in the time frame you planned, or even in the exact way you imagined, but you can do it. And you must believe you can.


Connect. Don’t go it alone. The beauty of this world exists in the interdependence of all of us. Ask for help. Be a mentor. Make music with and for others. Be a friend.


Make this a great year!


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