An Open Letter to My Other Students

music miscellany May 06, 2013

In a previous post, I wrote about what graduating music students need to be prepared for the road ahead. This post is dedicated to my other students, graduating college seniors who are not making music their careers.

Dear Students,

What a pleasure it has been to get to know you, and what a privilege to be a part of your time with the harp. You came to me with different harp backgrounds and varying levels of accomplishment, but I am proud of you and the work we have done together. I hope you will take three things with you as a legacy of our lessons.

First, I hope you have grown in your love for the harp. At some point in your life, you chose the harp as a means of self-expression. In our lessons, I tried to foster that feeling, and share with you some of my own deep attachment and affection for our instrument, its music and its players. Let the harp continue as a creative outlet for you, and never hesitate to share it with others.

Second, I hope you have enjoyed our exploration of a wide range of styles of music and that it has fostered in you an appreciation which will last your whole life. I know we don’t have identical tastes in music, but I appreciate your willingness to discover different musical ideas through the works of composers of many eras. Play the music that speaks to your soul, but stay open to the larger musical universe. You will be surprised at what you discover.

Finally, remember how to find your way back to the harp. In these last lessons, we have talked about the likelihood that the harp will not be a part of your life for the next number of years. You will be creating the rest of your life, the important parts, and the harp will take a back seat. But when the time comes that you are ready to play again, and I trust that will happen, be patient. Follow the plan we have set up for you now. It will be your yellow brick road back to the harp, rejuvenating your musical and technical skills.

I will miss you, but I am certain that you will find success and happiness, and all my best wishes go with you.

And don’t forget to write!

Ms. Sullivan

Ps. For technique, "Conditioning Exercises.” For new music, explore YouTube and For more help, email me!


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