Are You Facing a Moment of Truth?

Have you ever questioned whether you can ever play music the way you want?

It’s a moment of truth: when your desire to play music butts heads with your current level of accomplishment. It is that moment when the pleasure you found or hoped to find in making music is all but gone, replaced by frustration and disappointment. It is the time when you are forced to consider making a choice, going down one path or the other.

I faced that question in my moment of truth many years ago. Actually, I had several moments of truth. The most significant and painful one could have cost me my harp studies at the Curtis Institute of Music. It was a moment of decision that could have been a moment when a dream died or a moment of action. Guess which I chose. And that moment led me to some of the insights that became my Kaleidoscope Practice system.

Those moments seem to be a natural part of studying a musical instrument. And they’re not just for musicians who are looking toward a professional career. I have helped many of my students through times when they were uncertain about what to do next or even if they needed to give up the harp altogether.

And although the students and their harp goals are all different, the ones who face those questions are the ones who have the most desire and determination to play the harp.


They are the ones who want to persevere, but they need to know how to get where they want to go and they want an expert opinion on if what they want is even possible for them.

If you have ever wondered if you’re really making progress or just treading water, or if you’re just going around in circles, learning and re-learning the same material, then you have probably asked yourself at least one of the 3 questions I will be talking about on a free live webinar I am holding this Tuesday, February 3:
The 3 Questions Harpists are Afraid to Ask – and the Answers You Need to Know Now.







And even if you’ve never had to face those kinds of questions (the way I did myself many years ago), these answers will help you stay focused, positive and keep you moving forward. Here’s what we will cover on this webinar:

  • I address the 3 biggest fears that harpists share with me every day, and the strategies to move beyond the doubts, confusion and frustration that cause them.
  • I explain why your attitude toward your practice may be actually sabotaging your results, even if you LIKE practicing.
  • I will tell you the 3 ingredients you need to fuel your motivation and keep your inner spark alive.
  • Special announcement! At the end of the webinar, I will have a special announcement about an opportunity to work with me in a whole new way. I’m so excited about this that I can hardly wait until Tuesday!
    But I will  
  • PLUS ask your own most pressing harp questions and get my best answers on the spot. (This is an audio only call, so I won’t be able to give you a visual demo. I’m still working on my video skills.)
Please join me, won’t you? It’s totally free, and it could totally rock your harp world!


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