Do You Have a Harp Hero?

music miscellany Feb 22, 2016

I need a hero.

A harpist’s life is not an easy one. I’m not complaining, mind you, just stating a fact.

The harp is a beautiful instrument, but one with lots of issues. Whether we are trying to tune it, play it or move it, we are not traveling an easy road.

Along my own harp road, I have encountered many people who have made my way much smoother, some simply by a thoughtful gesture, others who showed me the way with their own bright light. These are my harp heroes.

I know you’ve met them too, people who make your day brighter and your dreams possible. Do you know any of these harp heroes?

  • People who open the door for me and my harp without my asking.
  • Conductors who give me time to reset my pedals.
  • People who ask if they can help me when they see me moving the harp, and then wait for my answer and my direction.
  • School band directors who find creative ways to include my students in their ensembles.
  • Harp parents who give up their evenings and weekends to take their young harp students to lessons, rehearsals and concerts. (Thanks, Dad!)
  • Stage crew who go out of their way to be helpful and give me the “star treatment.”
  • Composers who write in pedal markings, even if those markings aren’t exactly where I wou;d put them.
  • Teachers who instruct and encourage, inspiring us to be our best.
  • Family members who help us live our dreams.
  • Colleagues and music buddies with whom we can share our love of music.
  • People who make harp carts.
  • Our remarkably generous harp community, brought together by our love of and dedication to this wonderful instrument.
Who are your harp heroes? Thank one of them today!

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