How to Create Momentum, Part 1

If you are one of those busy harpists who played everywhere during the holiday season, you may seriously need a break. Slow down if you need to, but don’t stop. This is the time to create momentum to keep your business thriving and those phone calls and emails coming.

Momentum is a funny thing. It is motion and direction. It seems elusive, but it is easy to create. All you have to do is get up and move.

So before you decide to pack up and head for someplace sunny, make some plans to get yourself back in shape, and keep your calendar full. Even if you only play an occasional gig, these tips can make every outing more pleasant and worthwhile.

1. Refresh your repertoire. This is a great time to add a new piece or two to your tried and perhaps tired old standbys. Fill a hole in your music list. Do you need to learn the latest wedding request? Or maybe you need something special for Valentine’s Day. Mix up the mood: something peppy, something romantic, something short, something longer.

2. Go through your contact list and get back in touch with clients you haven’t talked to in a while. Keeping in touch with your former clients (who, of course, loved you!) is the best way to keep business rolling in. That lovely couple whose wedding you played might love to have you play for an anniversary party, or might be happy to recommend you to their friends. You did keep their phone numbers, right?

3. Get your fingers back in shape. All those gigs can really take a toll on your technique. Go back to your favorite slow warm-up routine and feel the tension slipping away as you re-acquaint your fingers with their proper functioning. And while you’re at it, a new whole-body exercise routine wouldn’t be a bad idea.

4. Review and replenish your marketing materials. Are you out of business cards? Does your website need an update? Try uploading a new video of yourself to YouTube so your clients can see just how good you are. Think about how your clients find you and all the ways you present yourself to them. Polish up your image or give your style a new twist.

5. Get out in the world. Don’t wait to be discovered. Put yourself where your potential clients are. This is the time of year for bridal shows. If you’re too late to become an exhibitor, see if you can partner with a business that already has a booth. Maybe weddings aren’t your thing. Find your customers and get yourself noticed. Try adding this to your New Year’s Resolution list: Schedule career building time each week for the next three months. You will be amazed how your business will grow!

Coming next in Part 2: Creating Momentum for the Adult Student

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