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uncategorized Jun 21, 2014

Kaleidoscope Practice: Focus, Finish and Play the Way You’ve Always Wanted

Have you ever felt stuck in your practice? You know the feeling, the one where you believe that the music will never get any better. You don’t know what to practice; you don’t even want to practice any more.

Or maybe you just need a new approach, something to put the spark back in your practice and playing. You would like someone to show you how to do better practice in less time, so that you can get on with the rest of your busy life and not feel guilty about it.

The Kaleidoscope Practice system is designed to help you solve those practice dilemmas. This revolutionary way to look at music practice frees you from rote learning and mindless repetition. It uses five focus areas to direct your practice to learning the music, not just the notes. Yes, music practice can be musical! And because Kaleidoscope Practice is directed to helping you actually finish your pieces, you will learn more music in less time and with less struggle.

And now, I am excited to share my system with you in these three ways:

1. The book:

Kaleidoscope Practice: Focus, Finish and Play the Way You’ve Always Wanted

Available as a PDF download and soon to be on Amazon Kindle

2. The print “workbook”:

The Harpist’s Playbook

A spiral bound print book just for harpists with 3 different practice plans and over 60 practice techniques!

Check it out here!

3. The video course

Practice for the Finish! The Ultimate “How-To” Guide to Kaleidoscope


If you are committed to your harp playing, you need to check out this amazing course. It could rock your world!

Click here to find out more about the course, special pricing and bundles.

And to celebrate, I am re-running my Kaleidoscope Challenge. The details will be available this weekend, but the challenge will begin July 7. This is a great introduction to the practice techniques, and a great companion to the video course. (Yes, you can take both at once!)

I am offering special prices on these products until July 7. Get them now! You can find out all the information and see the fabulous packages I have assembled on the Kaleidoscope page.

Woohoo! I’m breaking out the champagne!

Ps. Want to read the first chapter of the book? Here it is…


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