Why the Harp for Christmas?

musicianship practicing Dec 19, 2016

What is it about harps and the Christmas holidays?

It’s certainly a busy time for harpists. (Okay – that’s a huge understatement. This can be an insane time of year for a harpist.) Harpists of all ages and abilities are in high demand. Christmas and harps just seem to go together.

Carolers sing of “angels bending near the earth to touch their harps of gold.” And many a candle-lit “Silent Night” will have a gentle harp accompaniment.

Why should harp music be the soundtrack of choice for Christmas? I think the reasons are as clear as the midnight Christmas sky.

The ringing of the harp strings sparkles like the stars.

The harp’s rich resonance is the warmth of candlelight.

The sweetness of the harp is the perfect background for a gentle lullaby.

The simplicity of the instrument itself recalls the reason for the season.

As you “strike the harp and join the chorus” this Christmas, I wish for you all the wonder, peace and joy of th06is special time, and the magic, beauty and happiness of music in each and every day of the year.


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