Why You Can’t Prevent Performance Crashes

musicianship performing Nov 12, 2018

Practice doesn't work.

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify.

The normal everyday practice that we usually do doesn't build the skills we need to play our music well. If you have ever practiced a piece and then had it crash when you performed it, you know this is true.

Consider this list of just some of the many distinctions between what we do in practice and what we need to do in performance.

In practice, we take time to warmup our fingers and our focus.
In performance, we start “cold.”

In practice, we go back and fix our mistakes.
In performance, we must play on.

In practice, we choose what we want to play and when.
In performance, we play on demand.

In practice, we are in our comfy practice space.
In performance, we are in an unaccustomed place.

In practice, we achieve calm and focus.
In performance, we feel the rush of adrenalin.

In practice, we are discriminating about our playing.
In performance, we become hyper-critical and judgmental.

In practice, we delve into the details.
In performance, we must create the big musical vision.

In practice, we know that we have another chance tomorrow.
In performance, it’s now, never, or maybe never again!

What an eye-opener! So are you now convinced of the need for a different kind performance practice?

Of course, you could create your own curriculum for this, or purchase an online course or hire a coach.

Or you could just join the Crash Proof Performance Challenge! It starts today, Monday, November 12. Head over here to register. It’s easy, fun and free. And the best part is that you will learn the steps that work for a crash proof performance! JOIN THE CHALLENGE.


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