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Your Five Day Plan to Better Musical Awareness

Jul 26, 2021

“I just want to play more musically.”

It's a common refrain among students and performers of all ages. We all want to play more musically, but exactly what does that mean?

A musically expressive performance is a result of the performer’s choices informed by his or her understanding. You can probably guess at the kind of choices I mean, like choices of tempo and...

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Three Reasons Youโ€™re Not Reviewing Your Music

May 03, 2021

Review your music regularly.

You know you should be reviewing the music you’ve learned but somehow you never get to it. I know; I don’t do as much review as I should either.

Reviewing the music we know should be the easy and fun part of our practice. Often, however, it’s the part we put off. We save it, as if it were dessert, until after we’ve worked on the pieces we...

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Do These 3 Things Today and Play Better Tomorrow

Mar 01, 2021

I know I’m not the only one. Every harpist bumps into the brick wall now and again. It’s that place that you can’t seem to get beyond, when you are tantalizingly close to being able to play your piece but you can’t seem to get to the finish line. The practice that worked up to this point just won’t take you any further.

You could put that piece away. You could keep...

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