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The “Why” of Note Reading

Jun 16, 2012


If you are a monster sightreader and have perfect pitch, don’t read this article! Everyone else, read on…

After my last article on becoming a speedier reader, I received some interesting comments and questions, mostly about why and how we should be practicing reading notes. Let me try to address those issues here.

The “why” is...

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Last Minute Ways to Find More Summer Gigs- Five Things You Can Do Today!

Jun 16, 2012


Summer is here and perhaps your calendar isn’t looking as full as you’d like it to be. There is still time to get more work this summer, if you take action now. Here are five suggestions to get you moving.

1. Try busking, harp-style. As long as there have been musicians, there have been buskers, musicians who play in public spaces for whatever...

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Welcome to harpmastery.com!

Jun 15, 2012

Welcome to harpmastery.com, my new blog. This is the place where I hope to inspire your musicianship, strengthen your playing and help you discover new insights about the way you make music and play the harp


Why am I doing this? Because over my years (okay, decades) of performing and teaching, I find I have a lot of knowledge to share. I used to think I was the...

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Big Picture vs. Little Picture Practice

Jun 15, 2012

Sometimes we need a vacation to refresh our outlook on our work.  Last summer, I got the same benefit from someone else’s vacation.  That summer I was teaching Sara, an Italian harp student taking lessons from me while she was visiting relatives in Delaware, and she helped me rediscover some important truths about the way we practice.


At home,...

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